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Alex “Mr Fit” Grauso

Alex Grauso “Mr Fit” brings almost 30 years of health and fitness experience to the Matlacha Wellness Center. Alex “Mr Fit” Grauso is a bodybuilder and in 2000 won Mr Connecticut.

He started on his fitness journey when he was in his 40’s, after a couch potato style life, he was served divorce papers and decided to make a serious change. He learned that it not only takes time in the gym, but also a knowledge of what to do. Grauso began studying health, fitness, and nutrition. His passion grew so quickly that he decided to open a gym to share his knowledge of a better life to others.

Alex “Mr Fit” Grauso is now 71 years old, and looks incredible. He is in better shape than most people in their 30’s.

He urges people that it is never to late to get in great shape and feel amazing.  The time is now!  Don’t wait another day, come in to the Matlacha Wellness Center or call us and schedule your appointment.  It is time to change your life.

About Us

At The Matlacha Wellness Center, we take a natural and holistic approach to health.

It is our mission to teach you how to truly live a healthier and happier life.

We specialize in personal training, massage therapy, arthritis relief, post physical therapy rehabilitation, yoga, anti-inflammatory eating, natural pain management, mindfulness, mental health counseling, nutrition, and complete body health.

Most of our services are on a private or semi-private basis, taking away any feeling of intimidation or discomfort. That also allows for our clients to get the most out of their time here and maximize their results.

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