Pesticides in Produce, The Treacherous Twelve

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Treacherous Twelve

The Dirty Dozen, as it is often called, is simply a list of common produce that was tested by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and found to have the highest concentration of pesticides. I would love to use the phrase “Dirty Dozen”, but alas, it has been trademarked. So for the remainder of my posts I will call this list … Read More

Processed Food

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Avoiding Processed Food

Becoming healthy means eating fresh, non-processed foods, but what exactly is a non-processed food? By definition, processed means to perform a series of mechanical or chemical operations on (something) in order to change or preserve it. In other words, processed food undergoes a change in formation, altering its entire design, causing it to deviate from is natural form. While being … Read More

Discussion on Mindful Meditation

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Mindful Meditation

When I first began working on my recovery from drug addiction, I found it difficult to maintain a clear focus. While I didn’t have a problem focusing on day to day things, I just wasn’t able to focus on anything directed towards me. Why was that, I wondered…? The problem was that I didn’t know myself. I was always so … Read More

What You Didn’t Know About Skipping Breakfast

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skipping breakfast

Everyday, many Americans rush out the door pushing to make it to work on time, but forget the most important start to their morning: breakfast. Although people tend to downplay the importance of breakfast, neglecting to eat in the morning affects your body more than you know. Breakfast is known as the most important meal, yet over 31 million Americans … Read More

Disney’s Marathon Weekend Marathon

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2017 Disney Marathon Medal

With all of my pre marathon prep over and done, My Disney Marathon is about to begin. The fireworks shoot up into the sky, announcing the start of another heat, and off I go. I am sticking to my game plan, starting off at a fast walk. Sure people are jogging past me but I’m walking at a good pace … Read More

Disney’s Marathon Weekend Half Marathon

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It’s Friday evening, I am on the monorail having just finished a character dinner at 1900 park Fare. I’m browsing my emails on my cell phone and I noticed one from run Disney. We are sorry to inform you that Disney’s Marathon Weekend Half Marathon has been canceled. What?! I continue reading due to inclement weather and dangerous weather conditions … Read More

Disney’s Marathon Weekend 10K

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Disney 10K Medal

It’s Friday morning, it’s a little earlier than yesterday, Disney’s marathon weekend 10K starts at 5:30 AM. So this morning I had to wake up a little earlier than even I’m used to, my alarm clock went off at 3:30 AM. Just like the morning before I put on my clothes grab my bag of snacks put some gel in … Read More

Disney’s Marathon Weekend 5K

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Disney Marathon 5K Medal

I arrive at the Polynesian Resort and run Disney’s Marathon Weekend 5K   So when I last left you I was training hard in preparation for the Dopey Challenge. Well since that time I had a little bit of a setback in my overall training. Very positive setbacks but setbacks nonetheless. So my focused marathon training came to an end. … Read More

3 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Quality of Life

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Yoga Class Pine Island Cape Coral

Yoga is widely known for its holistic health benefits. Incorporating yoga into a health routine can quickly improve an individual’s quality of life. By improving 3 specific areas of our lives that are critical to good health and happiness, we may see changes in many aspects of our life. 1) Improve mobility Physical yoga can vary from gentle slow movements … Read More